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“Colleen is a highly experienced and well connected construction professional.  Her 

list of accomplishments speaks in itself of the high level capabilities that Coleen brings to any team she may join.  Colleen has always stayed current with industry trends as they relate to new technologies and engineering through her commitment to continuing education.  She will always be an asset to any organization as her 

knowledge will translate into greater profitability.”


- John Slatton

Associate Environmental Planner with CA Department of Transportation

“Colleen’s personal drive, experience , integrity and personable skills have helped her excel in all aspects of her career.  In construction specifically, her experience enables her to drill down into details and then also provide oversight at a higher level for overall business strategy, staff management and leadership.  Outside of 

construction her creativity and personal drive allows her to take on new opportunities and challenges and see them through to fruition and prosperity.  In everything she does, her integrity and networking capabilities help her exceed all 

expectations.  Colleen will be an asset to any organization, group, or client that works with her.”


- Cecilia Kucharski

Director of Business Development at Balfour Beatty Construction.

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